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Ride Cues
Favorite Routes

All rides, other than race courses, begin and end in front of "the beach" at the Homewood Campus.

Cave Road Route
28.3 miles with three climbs. Garrison Forest, Cave Road, Bellemore. Our conference social ride from last year.
Druid Hill Training Series
The Classic Criterium held on the Mansion Loop in Druid Hill Park. No technical turns and a challenging climb, the route is open to mansion and park traffic. The Druid Hill Series is a weekly occurring criterium held during the summer.
Elkridge Road Race
5.10 mile loop with one climb. Home of our annual spring road race. Directions
Fall Colors Ride Our 2006 Fall Colors Ride. Three distances to choose from; 48 miles, 74 miles and 104 miles.
  • 48 miles

  • 74 miles

  • 104 miles
  • Hampden Route
    12.08 miles. an easy ride close to campus and through the park.
    Joe's Bike Shop
    8.36 miles round trip with one climb - Bellemore. Club sponsor and local bike shop. Joe's is also the meeting spot for Saturday LSV rides.
    Liberty Reservoir
    ~50 miles with small climbs - Bellemore. Ride to Liberty Reservoir courtesy of Ryan TerMeulen. Directions
    Mount Zion Loop
    57.80 miles with four climbs - Garrison Forest, Mount Carmel, Jerome, Joy/Ivy Hill, Bellemore. Ride through rural Baltimore Country.
    Towson Town Loop
    19.97 miles with one hill - Bellona. Quick ride through Towson on backroads, so easy to get lost but trust your way and use the map. to add on additional climb, you can add the Circle Hill Route off of Bellona Ave (1.82 miles) and repeat as desired.

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